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With the continuous progress of science and technology and the acceleration of globalization, the traditional banking system has been unable to fully meet people's needs for financial services. In this context, Bank, as an emerging cryptocurrency bank, is gradually changing the landscape of the financial industry with its efficient, safe and convenient characteristics.

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Bank is a real sense of retail joint coin issuance, tokens have all entered the bottom pool has entered the black hole.

The project side does not have a coin in hand can not withdraw the pool, 2.95% holding dividend tax as long as 88W Bank can dividend U, no ideal why far away, hope to meet a bunch of real consensus in the Bank diamond hands together to do this project, there will be sustainable ecological construction in the future.

Future development strategy

Expanding financial services

    The Bank plans to further expand its range of financial services, including but not limited to more cryptocurrency trading pairs, richer wealth management products, and more convenient cross-border payment services. The Bank will also cooperate with more traditional financial institutions to jointly develop innovative financial products and services to meet the diversified needs of customers.

Strengthening compliance and regulation

    As the cryptocurrency market matures, compliance and regulation issues are becoming increasingly important. The Bank will actively cooperate with national regulators to ensure the compliant operation of the platform and provide customers with a safe and transparent trading environment.

Promoting social applications

    The Bank will actively cooperate with various industries to promote the application of cryptocurrencies in more areas. For example, a Bank could partner with an e-commerce platform to launch a crypto-based payment solution; It can also work with supply chain finance companies to promote the use of cryptocurrencies in the field of trade finance.
  • Token Name: Bank
  • Token Symbol: $Bank
  • Total Supply: 888,000,000,000,000
  • Token mechanism
  • Sliding point mechanism: buy and sell 3% each
  • Marketing: 0.05% Holding :2.7%


Phase 1 - Launch

  • Smart Contract Audit

  • Liquidity Lock

  • Community Governance
  • DEX Launch
  • Listings Coingecko/Coinmarketcap Trending (AveDex, Dexview) Exchange Listings

Phase 2 - Growth

  • Token Burn

  • Global Meetups

  • Mainstream Integration
  • Community Expansion
  • Marketing Surge

  • Advanced Partnerships
  • Influencer Engagement

Phase 3 - Domination

  • Partnerships
  • Global Expansion
  • 10K+ Holders
  • Meme Conquest


We value every investor's support and trust in the Bank, so we have established a sound investor relationship management system. You can learn the latest news and financial information of the Bank through the official website, social media and other channels, and communicate and exchange with our team. We will also hold regular online and offline events to meet with investors face to face and answer your questions and concerns.